Hello Divine Awakening Souls,

I get asked this question often regarding the resources I’ve used for my research and to expand my consciousness. It would be simpler if I made a website listing out the ones that I can remember over the years that I have been studying and researching.

Here are some sources to dive into:
His stuff are not free on Youtube, so unfortunately you will have to invest in the videos. I’ve been studying and applying his teachinges over 5 years. They are one of the best metaphysic teachings.

Barbara Marciniak
Her books are in audio format available on Youtube, but you can buy it as well to support her work. I’ve read all of them. I am referring to “Bringers of The Dawn” and “Keys to the Living Library.” Her more recent work, I don’t believe she’s channeling beings of love and light.

Channelled galactic teachings by the L/L Research Group in the 1980s. This is a heavy book, so it should be approached in small portions at a time. It’s hard to understand, so the audio format is better.

Q Intel
An archive of Q intel so you can dig and research the intels yourself.

Neale Donald Walsh
“Conversations with God” Audio Books, I’ve listened to ALL three books.

Diane Robbins
Diane is a Twin Flame and she channels the Inner Earth Galactics. I have all of her work as well.

Aurelia Louise Jones
Aurelia channels High Priest Adama from Lemuria Inner Earth Civilization