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Members Feedback

  • “Hi Nyla, thank you that was beautiful, some deep treasures there. You’ve played a significant role in helping me to put the pieces of my life back together.”

    Jonathan Laird

  • “This video has been the most helpful for me so far. I have really low self-esteem. These lessons will boost my self-esteem and self-worth directly in the 5D 😀 Thank you Nyla.”


  • “Powerful wisdom shared in a clear concise way, thanks.”


  • “Great video! Appreciate you sharing your knowledge. It has not ever be explained to me with so many good examples and clarity before. Thank you!”

    Susan Krystaf

  • “Thank you so Much…..for opening my eyes & mind….thx again & again.”

    James Wood

  • “Hello Nyla, listening to your story I think that you should get all the Love and Respect you can get. You are extraordinary person and wonderful human being. Who else should get all the Love if not you.”

    Pavel Kocanda

  • “Thank you so much Nyla for sharing these tips based on what you’ve learned from your own challenges or lessons in your life. Thank you again!”

    Denise Johnson

  • “I continue to absorb so many new revelations through not only these but the membership videos. So many of them humbly sharing her own evolving hurdles with self awareness, mindfulness and ascension. At the risk of this sounding like a commercial, I personally urge all to enjoy the fruits of a membership. It provides a sensory laden excursion to higher vibrations while navigating through everyday personal hurdles and drama we all experience.”

    Bill G. Kelowna, BC. Canada

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