The perfect deodorant to add to your Ascension lifestyle

Are you looking to become healthier, heal, and remove toxins from your body to ascend in your vibration?  Switching from your mainstream deodorant to an organic, vegan, and nourishing deodorant may be a great idea to incorporate as part of your new Ascension lifestyle.

People need to be aware and informed of the ingredients that they are putting on the body, especially in the underarm areas. This area is connected to the Lymphatic system, which is your body’s drainage system. It is made up of tissues, blood vessels, organs, and lymph nodes that carry colorless fluids, called lymph from tissues around the body into the circulatory system and vice versa. The reason why you want to be cautious about what you put under the armpit area is that once the chemicals get into the lymphatic system, it goes directly into your bloodstream. There is no filtration, these chemicals are not processed by the kidneys or liver, which makes this dangerous for your body and immune system. The Lymphatic system plays a crucial role in a strong immune system. This system is responsible for protecting the body against infections, bacteria, and cancer cells — while helping keep fluid levels in balance.

Did you know that most mainstream deodorants have toxins?
Many deodorants contain toxins, even natural ones so it’s important to get into the habit of checking the ingredients and being informed about them.

I have checked some natural deodorants and they contain the same toxic ingredient as the mainstream ones.

Some of the ingredients are the following:

Aluminum or Aluminium salt: clogs pores, and increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, brain, lung, bone diseases, and disorders
Parabens: increases breast cancer, causing pre-mature aging, endocrine system impairment, immunity suppressants
Triclosan: banned as a pesticide, damages liver, kidney, and gut health, cousin to agent orange used in Vietnam war,
Stearyl alcohol: eye and skin irritant, causes tumours in high dosage
Potassium Alum: potassium alum contains aluminum. This ingredient is the most common in crystal deodorants. Aluminum salt causes phosphorus depletion. Aluminum is a neurotoxin.

Seeing that these chemicals are harmful and toxic to the human body. It’s unwise to use deodorant without thoroughly examining each of the ingredients.

What is the best alternative natural deodorant to toxic mainstream ones?
The only deodorant that I use and recommend is My Goodness Deodorant. It contains more than 54 ingredients, which are food-grade and they are the healthiest minerals from the Dead Sea. It is formulated to heal, and restore health to your body and skin while deodorizing your body. This is the ideal personal hygiene product for your Ascension lifestyle as all of the ingredients in the product are high vibrational, your body uses all of the trace minerals and essential oils. It is a product that will raise your vibration, not decrease it or add toxins to your system.

Unique benefits of My Goodness Deodorant

My Goodness Deodorant
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1. This deodorant does not leave yellow staining like the others on the market. Aluminum and other chemicals present in deodorants react with the proteins secreted in the sweat and produce tough yellow stains. Aluminum-free My Goodness deodorant contains a formula that makes it balanced and results in a harmonious relationship between protein present in the sweat-secreting apocrine glands.

2. Eliminates odor by altering pH
Body odor is not caused by sweat. The odor is produced by bacteria which grow when they feed on fats and proteins present in the sweat. As these bacteria are pH-sensitive, My Goodness deodorant eliminates the odor by altering the pH. Other mainstream deodorants mainly use a compound containing Aluminum to alter the pH and block the body from sweating. You don’t want to block the body from perspiring, because it is important for toxin elimination. You want to decrease it and remove the odor. This is what this deodorant does without any harmful chemicals entering the bloodstream.

3. Nourishes your body and it is also a food supplement
My Goodness deodorants contain numerous beneficial ingredients. It is magnesium-based, which is associated with hundreds of vital metabolic processes of the body. Magnesium lowers blood pressure, is good against depression, and can amplify workout performance. It also helps to repair the DNA and is a necessary element for the working of muscles. Potassium and calcium are also present in My Goodness deodorant, which regulates muscle contractions, nerve signaling, and blood pressure. Potassium also balances fluid present in the body and prevents kidney stones and osteoporosis, keeping you active throughout the day. Calcium strengthens bones and protects against diabetes and cancer, increasing the vitality of life. It contains organic aloe vera that has antioxidants and antibacterial properties, which help with the body’s odor and detoxification of the body. Lowering blood pressure, preventing wrinkles, and improving skin, giving you a younger look.

My Goodness deodorant contains essential oils, including jojoba oil and grape seed oil. Jojoba oil has numerous skin advantages along with antibacterial solid properties giving you a wrinkle-free youthful appearance. It also acts as a moisturizer and cleanser, maintaining the charming natural glow of the skin.

Grapeseed oil helps with lowering the inflammation of body parts, which opens up the pores of sweat glands and helps in the natural detoxification process making your body feel relaxed and untiring. The benefits of grapeseed oil include skin moisturization, improved insulin resistance, and reduced blood clots for a fit and active lifestyle.

The deodorant contains numerous trace elements, including iron, copper, zinc, molybdenum, selenium, and manganese, which are essential for the body’s normal functioning.

My Goodness deodorant also includes vitamins and essential minerals obtained from the dead sea and organic substances suitable for health. It is both a beauty and a health product. Using this product is a great way to ensure your body is getting 54 important essential minerals, trace elements, and phytonutrients.

4. It is vegan and not tested on animals as well. It only contains beneficial ingredients for the body.

5. It is groundbreaking that this deodorant dries instantly and is guaranteed to produce effects ranging from up to 24hrs-48 hrs. It is unreal and feels so natural. The wearer gets to be comfortable throughout the day. It is also non-reactive to the skin and can help in the detoxification of heavy metals.

There are many other natural deodorants on the market, but I feel this one is very unique and special due to the wide range of trace minerals, phytonutrients, essential oils, vitamins, and essential minerals that are present in the formulation. There aren’t that many deodorant brands out there that contain 54 ingredients, and all of them happen to be beneficial for the body. For this reason, I feel it deserves the title of being one of the best in the market for deodorizing, healing, and nourishing the body. When you are using this product, you feel like you are loving yourself by putting only the best and highest quality ingredients in your bloodstream.

This is the perfect product to switch to when you are transitioning your lifestyle to be more spiritual, healthy, toxin-free, high vibrational, and nourishing for the body.

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