Main God qualities and actions of the Second Ray: 

2. Wisdom
4. Understanding through love
5. Perception
6. Comprehension
7. Precipitation
8. Discrimination and activation of the mind of God

“I now choose to communicate from the love of my heart. I invoke the Rays of Illumination and Wisdom to imprint my consciousness with my perfect expression for this situation. “

When you invoke the Illumination Ray in your crown chakra and in the totality of your consciousness, and set your intention to re-awaken all the attributes of your divinity, your higher self will use the energies you are invoking to gradually lighten and activate the dark pockets that have been lying dormant there for very long. 

3 Replies to “Sacred Yellow Flame (pt.1)”

  1. Today in church they lit up the stage with this beautiful golden yellow light like I haven’t seen them do before and I immediately thought about you. I come here and you’re talking about the yellow flame. LOL Last week the same thing happened with the blue flame and lights. Sermon today seemed focused on the rapture, which sounds very much like ascension. Yet another fascinating day.

  2. Is one tiger eye crystal stone good instead of a necklace? It may be a bit costly to have different gemstone chain for different ray.

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