Becoming 5D Consultations (1 Hour)




This is a 1 hour phone consultations on 5D topics of the customer’s choice.  There are people on their ascension journey who would like to know how to leave their job in the matrix, live life on their terms, be more independent and free, or some people would like to know how to live more healthier and conscious lives.  Nyla can provide a lot of knowledge and has great experience in this area to help people transition their lifestyle to one that resonates with their new vibration.

There are some people who have poverty/lack consciousness, Nyla can help correct this and put them on the path of having an abundant consciousness. A lot of people live in fear, scarcity and worry, Nyla will share important spiritual knowledge and teachings to expand their consciousness to move out of that vibration. She will help them understand the Law of Attraction and clarify how they are attracting the circumstances that they do NOT prefer to experiences that they DO prefer.

By the end of the conversation, they would have receive a great deal of spiritual teachings, enlightenment, practical and actionable tips/advices to implement to change their vibration, which will ultimately change their reality.

The consultations are pre-confirmed first via email, then payment is made.